Saffron Mic 2013 – A great idea and potential institution

In 1996, the MOBO Awards were born. Today they are a recognised British institution.
Apparently, the original idea was both conceived and run from a bedroom office. Over time it has grown in recognition and quality, celebrating music and life. The ethos of their Unsung category is ‘Nurturing talent, providing a platform for aspiring artists and finding the next big thing’.

A few weeks back I, through poetry alongside fellow performers were able to communicate a message of hope, truth and pain through art (song, poetry, rap, art and film). The pain of yesteryear and the continued hurt of and for every generation about Sikh issues centred on justice, truth and equality. In the past I have seen wonderful events run in Canada entitled ‘When Lions Roar’. Saffron mic 3 (2013) was the 3rd of the annual events, UK based.

Interestingly, the showcase of talent is not picked up by the mainstream media but believe me, it is there with an energy that can be harnessed for good.

I wondered about its value. Personally I felt an event of this kind communicates truth but it is also about harnessing emotion, touching the souls of others, facilitating empathy and encouraging creativity. It is also about creating collatoral, content that is meaningful, reusable, setting a vibration in motion for today’s society that hope exists.

I’m hoping that Saffron mic will grow and become an national institution. Showcasing, Sharing and Supportive of Sikhs and Society.

I was asked to share the threee poems I read on the night, here they are:

SKaur Navir DrSavi SS

Easy Easy Easy
Take it easy
No need to worry
I’m free and no one will catch me.

Guilty Guilty Guilty
Thats just noise
No need to worry
I’ll bribe my way & hide so no one will catch me.

Truth Truth Truth
The evidence can be clouded
No need to worry
I’ve got friends in high places and no one will catch me.

Free Free Free
Thats what I am today
No need to worry
I can walk the streets and no one will catch me.

(short pause)
Silence Silence Silence
Late at night my dreams entrap me.
I’m full of worry its almost 30 years.
I can’t sleep at night because one day the truth will reveal me.

Push & Shove
Remember Remember those dark days of June & consequently November
Blind Faith in your righteousness has made you lose your soul. Remember?

Remember Remember that time you left those worshippers locked in rooms
They screamed, no food, no water and you know they were left with the sound of their own death. Remember ?

Remember Remember all around the divinity of the air suffered your destruction.
Troops took our heritage to the point of no return and the followed it up with a unforgettable death toll. Remember?

Remember Remember our nectar that turned red through the unnecessary dead.
Pure structures made with self-less love crumbled under your incisions. Dark days. Remember?

Remember Remember that day. Yet today you still seek no redemption
Instead you speak of justification with no contemplation. Remember.

Remember Remember like a mindless robot you were out to find and bind
You sparked off death and disillusionment. Remember.

Remember Remember that as the years pass we’ll never forget & we know deep down you try and forget
What you did will amplify as deep down in your soul you will Remember.

From Power to Powerless
From Intelligence to Intolerance
From Smiles to Smirks
From Creativity to Compliance
From Innovation to Introverts
From Confidence to Condemnation

From Start to Finish?

From Chaos to Calm
From Losing hope to Living again
From Pen to Paper
From no media to media savvy
From Lies to Truth
From not guilty to guilty with evidence
From belief to salvation, Saffron Salvation.

My personal Thanks to Nigel Nicholas Photography for permission to use his amazing photographs from the night.

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