Sports Relief 2012 and Good Morning Sunday with Aled Jones

Last night was a night when I needed some sleep. I also should have taken it easy in terms of training. Then to top things off the car alarm went off at 4am!

The day started off by being picked by BBC cars to head to Radio 2’s studio at 6:50am for an appearance on Good Morning Sunday with Aled Jones.
There were lots of interesting questions ranging from the:

1. life of Alan Turing – I suggested he is one of the founders of modern computer science
2. need to ensure churches continue to be funded – I suggested that places of work act a bank of faith & centres to do good with communities
3. Queen’s diamond Jubilee – what does it mean to the UK – I suggested that she offers a grace that helps people connect & her charity/initiatives.
4. need for tolerance in society – I discussed the differences between French and UK multiculturalism

An extract from the show Transcript:

With Fabrice Muamba recent collapse and his family suggesting that prayer has helped him. Do you believe that prayer projects something.

Dr Savi:
It is an interesting question and in the past I been on the show talking about the BBC2 documentary. My conclusion is the same, you can’t test God. There is a spiritual level that cannot be defined scientifically. Its not a cause and effect or create an effect to help a cause. The latter is probably true from a level of raising a level of hope, optimisim, elevation of your soul to reach out to God. We can’t test him but we can try and reach out to him.

Great also to see such wonderful team spirit between players and supporters.

Aled :
The June 23rd marks the annversary of Alan Turing. He was highly influential in the development of computer science, providing & played a significant role in the creation of the modern computer.Turing is widely considered to be the father of computer science and artificial intelligence.Do you think her should be honoured?

Dr Savi:
Apparently, he was also an incredible runner & he helped to shorten WW2 by devising a number of techniques for breaking German Codes. Thats called being multi-talented.

He was so ahead of his time that some of his theories, including liquid logic gates. This theory is aalso being adapted into something called a “wet computer”, using self-creating “cells” and other techniques to mimic certain properties of neurons.

Moment of Reflection:
This week the Queen gave her Diamond Jubilee speech in the Houses of Parliament.
What an incredible milestone. She’s the second monarch to have achieved this.

Interestingly, she’s engaged with 12 prime ministers and travelled all around the world.
I recently saw an article that cited John Bercow praising the Queen for presiding over an increase in diversity in public life during her reign, describing her as a “kaleidoscope Queen of a kaleidoscope country in a kaleidoscope Commonwealth”.

How fun is that statement, especially in a world where so many spend so much wasted time to hate each other.
Instead we see consistency from the queen. Its her grace that is an enabler to geninuely connect with people and help unite them through common initiatives.

I’ll be running the sports relief 10K in a couple of hours time and in a way I’ll be connecting with people.
We’ll be united to help others in need and maybe that is what life is all about.

We also spoke about the work of Sports Relief, another form of connecting with people for a common good. Here are some of the pictures from the day.

The 10K run started at 10:15am and it was nice to meet sporting heros like Steve Cram and enjoy the unseasonally warm March day.

Later I thought about  how the hearts of people are good as over £52M was raised by the UK – amazing, especially in this time of austerity.

When we think of those children that spend their days at rubbish dumps in so many parts of the world, we need to unite to stop this!
Everyone deserves a fair and free society. Together we can make poverty history by connecting and believing we can do it together.

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