Coming back to Blog

It has been a while since I posted to my blog.
Reason… Its not apathy. OK, maybe it is, albeit that I have been posting to my music website, Smooth Groovers.

One of my poor excuses is the fear of being hacked. Its so much hassle not only in terms of cost of repair but the disruption it causes to the commercial sites that are located on the server we use.

Therefore, over the last few weeks I’ve been attempting to move or close-down some of our sites.
NB There is no guarantee that it won’t happen again but maybe by using commercial servers they could be better protected against plugins that can be expolited.
I’ve also decided to merge some of my technology posts into the same blog area as my personal posts.

Hopefully, I can now get back into publishing a regular update and converse with those who want to on the subjects of making poverty history and using technology to communicate effectively.

In addition, I’ll also post up some news and views from the last 6 months!

Categories: 2012, Futures

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