Egypt, People Power or People of Power

We’re all watching the news and the unfolding almost hourly developments. Everyday it seems that more lives are lost or put at risk in the hope for an outcome that will result in a new way forward for the country.

As we sit in our armchairs watching from a distance I wonder if we ever thought about why it has taken so long for the demand for change.
Maybe it is because often people with power will want to hang on to it. Or, the public have adopted an apathetic approach to life because their survival depends upon it. People can also be unknowingly conditioned to accept the status quo.
I watched the following video and saw the emotion in the mans voice and expressions.

It is hard for us to know the true facts of today and the political alliances of the past. With regard to the latter, why have Countries not said anything in the past. Such countries could consider voicing opinions as intefering with internal affairs. It is interesting that some countries are left to their own devices?

I only hope for a peaceful outcome. The current leaders in Egypt will show true progress if they can meet, respect each others views and not resort to killing.

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