A Catch-up July to October 2010

Wow! Its been a while since I blogged and so much has happened.
Is it because I haven’t had enough time or simply an attack of writers block?
Its probably a combination of the latter.

OK, here’s a quick catch-up
July heralded the 21st Bike Ride from Birmingham to London, this year raising funds for Wellchild. It was great to see the ‘sea of yellow’ again. NB I created this phrase to represent the teams of riders all in Hi-res yellow vests, getting together to cycle 130miles for a children’s charity. See more at: http://www.charitybikeride.com

August was fun with a trip to sunny Cyprus and meeting a couple of people in our hotel who simply smiled everyday. The two receptionist would greet us for breakfast and dinner and always smile so geniunely.  They got me thinking about why we don’t smile enough in our daily lives and if we do, is it viewed as suspicious? My conclusion is that there is lots to smile about, the fact that we breath, experience people and marvel at creation. However, our survialist stance makes it hard to find time to contemplate. The latter word has to be the strongest argument for taking time out.

By the end of August we managed to put together an entry for this year’s Sikhnet Film Festival – in my view one of the best festivals to encourage knowledge through creativity. The film produced explores the issue of need to contemplate through a poem written by both Jasdeep Hari Bhajan Singh Khalsa and Onkardeep Singh Khalsa, from their book Spirtual Poetry, A Disciples Journey, published by LuLu.com.
I’m also currently working on their audio book with proceeds of the sale going to a charity in Africa.

September just rushed run by.
On a sporting front it was nice to meet the cyclist’s from July’s charity ride again as I helped to drive a reunion picnic. We met at the Annual Skyride in London. NB Last year there was a staggering 64,000 riders allowed to freewheel the streets of London. This year the numbers soared to an incredible 85,000 !!!

In business I was exposed to a disappointment from an individual who worked for me and failed to understand the importance of ‘duty of care’ when made redundant. He failed to view the the big impact on the people he left behind and the risk that he may have taken advantage of the good nature of others. I felt exploited and all that remains is a bad taste in my mouth especially as I feel that you should try and trust in others and help them if their calls for help appear geninue. This is not to imply that you expect trust in return but common decency would drive you conclude that people should recepriocate. For example, on a video assignment, a project that with editing time estimated by the individual to take three more weeks, after he left it was completed within 5 days!

October has now dawned and over the first weekend we saw the incredible opening of the 2010 Delhi Commonwealth Games – a chance for India to shine. It glorified and communicated aspects of India yet missed an opportunity to communicate a greater heritage and deeper history. The way they showed the yoga experience was illuminating. Good Luck to all the organisers and participants.

I hope the next blog entry won’t be in 3 months time, i.e: That I will have time and energy to post more views and news!
BTW At the end of September, the Sikhwithin i-phone App was released and on 1st October the Smooth Groovers i-phone App:
was released – enjoy!

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