Ocean of Pearls Movie Review

Last night I had the chance to watch a select / test screening of Ocean of Pearls. The movie has won countless awards in the US and has also been on a selective theatre release. I also had a chance to interview the Director and Producer, Dr Sarab Singh Neelam. I hope to issue this audio interview in a future Sikhwithin, probably Episode 56

Dr Sarab, is both an inspiring and committed film-maker. Starting off as a medical Doctor he has also spent the last 10 years and managed a budget of $1.5million to deliver a film that really moves you. His connections to Hollywood have assisted in the development of the film and its themes.

As you watch the film you realise that it is not preaching in manner. There are some scenes that as a Sikh make your heart sink. In others, you recognise similar public stereotypical influenced episodes.

The films delivery is based on generating a universal message of self-realisation of who you are and the importance of what you represent. Other themes explored by the film include seva (service) and dilemmas introduced by different health systems.

Please see the trailer below:

Please visit the Website too:

After the movie the audience had a chance for Questions and Answers with Dr Sarab. Dr Saran spoke of the impact that the film had on people from different denominations. In the US film-goers expressed they felt  the need to know more about their own religion and some from the Sikh faith reflected on the importance of their own faith. Interestingly, I have heard this phenomena before. As chair of the Interfaith Youth Trust, we often hear that kids who attend interfaith awareness events often wish to learn more about their own religion. Thus deepening a respect for parallel ethics and greater meaning of their own elements.

Currently, European plans for this movie are under review. It is certainly a must buy to share with your family, local community, services agencies and your library.

The more we communicate who we are and our stories and we have many of those, the greater an understanding between ourselves and  diverse world will develop.

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