Support Sikhnet in 2010 for your children and your children’s children

I came across this video and found it amazingly cute. As with the words of the famous song, ‘I believe that children are the future, teach them well and let them lead the way’. As adults we have a duty to invest our time and effort. These latter 2 words are easy to say but in our survivalist world difficult to implement. Even our children have to survive with competion on all sides, whether it be positions, exams or matching the expectations of their parents.

Idealistic movies are keen to proclaim that kids find their own levels of expertise. Sometimes these films forget that especially with those that have recently moved (1st generation), have 2nd Generation parents or prior generations that have moved,  survialist attitudes tend to be based on risk adversity.

Back to the video. It is great that we have a diverse set of people around us. We also need to ensure that we invest in both physical and virtual knowledge. Sikhnet provides a real link and an advanced set of features to create a greater understanding amongst people. Consider Sikhnet also as a bridge to Interfaith.

The second video is also impressive. Being personally involved in Audio projects as part of my business life, I have complete empathy with the amount of time it takes to develop quality content. The Kids Story project involves audio, art, physical printing and copyrighting. All of this costs but the investment is really worth it as the resource is a valuable contribution to learning more who Sikhs are.

Next week I am presenting at a Cub Scout event. I was asked to do this by a friend’s neighbour who is a Cub Scout leader. The Cub Scout leader called me a couple of days back and said that 32 lively kids have never heard or met a Sikh before. I suggested that the UK did not do enough about contributing knowledge / teaching kids in school about who Sikhs are, especially during History lessons, for example how the Sikhs contributed to helping free the world during the world wars. He agreed. Such books (see 2nd video) could be great for such events, promoting greater awareness in the young from all backgrounds. The books could become essential school resources.

Please give to Sikhnet for they are investing in both now and the future.
As the kids say on the video, ‘why don’t we build our spirit’.

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