#Ludhiana deaths December 2009

On 5th December innocent people were killed in an attempt to stop blasphemy against Sikhs. Full details are available from:

What gets to me every time I hear the news of innocent deaths is how quickly conditions get out of control. Whether it is the risk of communal violence or agitation by political elements, there appears to be no proactive measures to prevent escalation. I am certainly not suggesting that there are societies or countries that are better than others but the sheer lack of respect for life is evident when you see the video below.  People are been lashed at and herded. It is true that control tactics are prehistoric but is there no sense of foresight or understanding that clearly volatility can happen when extremist cults are allowed to exercise insults in the name of free-speech! Apparently, in this case the cult in question wanted to perform a parade, causing immediate offence.

Politicians need to wake up and understand that allowing a police force to shoot into a crowd is not the way to control a situation.
In the second video you see one police officer justifying free speech. However, free speech does not equal abuse and as I said before blasphemy!

There is one view that suggests that there is a conspiracy against the Sikhs. That there are extremist elements within other religions that are attempting to undermine the Sikhs in terms of their values, heritage, sacrifices, ethics, defending the defenceless and self-less service. If this is the case then Sikhs should not rise to the bait. Instead, they should ensure that the media exposes who the real agitators are. Let us see the evidence that is available on public channels. In an era where we can quickly record and submit video, images and text based content, Sikhs need to rally together to expose the real culprits, cults and mischievous elements.

Sikhs need to create media that exposes truth – For it is truth and the good who will win, not those who insult in the name of free speech and in shadow of hate.

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