Book Review – The Accidental Billionaires

What is it about entrepreneurs that interests many of us so much? Are we seeking the secret success formula?
Those with such dreams are probably interested because they believe in the Walt Disney’s Adage,  ‘If you can dream it, you can do it’. Are we really in admiration of what can be instantly achieved.

This is a fictional adaptation of what might have happened when Facebook was first inspired, created and then exploded!

Ben Mezrich publication is drawn both from research and imagination.

If you read the associated inside notes, it is interesting that he DID NOT met or get a response from Mark Zuckerberg. The reader is therefore left wondering what was is actually fact, adlib or opinion from those that Ben interviewed/researched.

The review at Entertainment Weekly ( suggests that:

‘the book is a breezy blend of fact and fiction’.

What is dangerous, is the risk a movie being produced that is far from reality.
I’m half way through the book and although it is a quick read, I’m struggling with the concept of clubs, fraternities and in-crowds.
Am I too shocked about how business really works or should I take this book as motivation to strive forward in an honest and thankful manner.

The latter is what I was taught.

We can only hope that success was based on a sincere approach.
NB Facebook now has more than 300 million members around the world. The privately owned company has been valued as high as $15 billion!

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