Stand By me is an iconic song

Its been an interesting week in many ways.
I’ve met with lots of people and explored the value of reflection.
The opportunity arose when I was invited coincidentally on the same day as St George’s day (Thu) to meet with some  business colleagues. They were welcoming, warm and willing to share ideas. Refreshing, especially as we live in a world where competition is rife and disharmony exists in terms of the gulf between the have nots and have yachts.

A few weeks back I was emailed the following video. The lines are especially true because of the darkened financial crisis that many are in.  Interestingly, back on Feb 14th I attended a comedy gig with 40,000 fans all paying an average of £40 per ticket. Let us also not forget that my car parking bill for 2 hours parking on the night was £22.

I believe because the media does not discuss or present it, doesn’t mean its not there.

Often we are quick to spend money on personal pleasures but think 100 times before contributing towards a worthy cause. The concept of the following video  focusing on how collaboration could be adapted for showing a world-view on reality. For example, half of the screen could show one city’s extravagant night life with the other showing a city in the same country as deserted. Another example could show the different living conditions from one hemisphere to another.

The message in the music should motivate us to do more than just hum along to it!

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