Considering solutions for Mumbai’s 911

I read it raise some key issues, re: potential segmentation and the need for alignment to appropriate media channels.

Terrorism in my view is not born out of frustration. It is vile and a portrayal of cowardliness. Many issues for India and Pakistan are a result of a mis-managed and some historians have suggested deliberate ‘divide-and-rule’ policy/legacy. I often feel that independence day in India is both a celebration of freedom but also recognition of British Raj’s oppression. The people of the lands that remain divided cannot move on. They will and should not forget their divided families. I still believe in the power to convince people of their wrong doings by first reasoning and asking them to look into their hearts for a solution.

Having also read a recent piece from another / completely separate blogger on Obama’s attempt to ‘reach’ both sides, India and Pakistan to work towards solutions, the article was quick to point out personality issues with the Obama’s appointees.

Any attempt at dialogue has to be a positive step. However, there appears to be not enough momentum from either the UN or independent teams on both ends to work towards peace. I’m certainly not suggesting that both sides do not want a solution as that would be cynical, honest! Too much is based on the past mistakes.

No doubt security will continue to be even tighter around the world as we all suffer the ripple effects.

We need a positive channel for news. A channel that can communicate what the world would be like if we all got along.

We also need new political models that encourage communities to take charge of their regions. This means collaborative communities / empowered with more autonomy in terms of local controls, for example in farming and what is paid to a centralised system.

We have to remember that the minority spoil it for the majority but the power is still with the majority to contain radicals.

The death toll continues to rise in Mumbai as the attempt by terrorists to use a many-to-many attack strategy has lead to a longer and harder campaign to control them. The risks to innocent people is higher and the ripple effect that it will leave behind in Mumbai will be greater.

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  1. terrorists are the biggest cowards and sore losers ever born on the face of this earth.

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