Footprints in the Sand

In my last post I wrote about the importance of Corporate responsibility.

One of the amazing things I’ve noticed is how people can come together to help each other.
If these attributes are true what is stopping us from eradicating poverty?

In many ways our lives are fuelled by the need to survive and progress. However, the environment that exists in rich countries does not help matters, for example: a poor work-life balance, stresses of having to perform for corporates, the mobile phone and the rush to get results amongst sometimes brutal corporate competitiveness. All these factors make us forget that we were once innocent children who could befriend anyone and have no ego in the way.

One way to make the world a better place has to be to use the existing channels of communication to highlight the plight of poorer nations.
I still believe that although there is a dark element to the Internet, it still has the power to harness good, for example:

  • More on-line campaigns through tools such as Facebook
  • A continuous flow of emails to ensure that those that have power can see that we put them there and they work for us!
  • Bringing the themes of poverty into the mainstream in terms of encouraging the press to uncover stories
  • Being positive and optimistic

With regard to the latter point, communicating positive stories in the media about how certain campaigns have worked.
We hear so much negativity, is it not time to communicate the issues and suggest that hope is possible.

The video from Leona Lewis supports the Sport Relief campaign. We need to stop poverty – The attempt to make it history must have a target date for its eradication. Notice at the end of the video with the kids smiling – That is what we need to remember can be achieved if we believe in the mission to drive the agenda rather than just be passengers of life.

The Sport Relief 2008: Zambia Food Appeal from the BBC is also an interesting video…

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