Bollywood Dreams

Yesterday I was at apparently the UK’s highest grossing Bollywood cinema.
No, not exclusively / dedicated to showing Bollywood movies but a UK cinema chain that also shows Bollywood blockbusters and feels good about it!

In the foyer a large crowd had gathered to watch a regional round of Dancers competing for a chance to win two tickets to Mumbai.

As the crowd jostled for better positions the security staff grew more and more anxious as fire exits were taking the brunt of the overspill.

I wondered how the tug of Bollywood in recent times has become a real force in media. Take for example, the presence of 2 film crews, the judging panel and the gloss. Yes, gloss in the form of big posters and 2 giant spotlights being casually spun around to ensure a quality image and essential marketing mix. There are other reasons why Bollywood has begun so popular: Mainly the cross fertilisation of music genres through internationalisation of producers, artists and technology.

I remember the time my parents took me to the Southall Dominion cinema. During the day it was an Indian film house but often the circle area’s private rooms / area could be hired out for weddings. At that time no commercial chain would feature any ‘foreign’ cinema.

Like most things money has really raised the stakes in both production and sometimes egos. NB For a change I’m not going to focus on the potential negativity of Bollywood! Instead, let us consider the motivation of those that took part in the competition. Interestingly, it went on for hours. We arrived a 3pm but our movie was not on until 3.55pm. The event started at 3.30 and didn’t finish until at least 5 hours afterwards! i.e: Our movie finished and the event was still raging on. You have to hand it to the contestants for both their staying power but most of all to their dedication.

Dedication is the key to performance in whatever one does. Whether it be establishing and maintaining a business or learning the steps of a dance routine. It is dreams that drive dedication but also required is a sense of determination and a support system –
I noticed that all the three finalists graciously thanked their parents and friends.

From an optimistic perspective, when the 3 finalists were interviewed, they stated genuinely I’m sure, that their Bollywood Dreams were not driven on the desire for fame but on their joy to entertain. One contestant worked at an insurance company by day and she must be spending her spare time working on perfecting her routines. Others were studying dance and hoping for a chance to clock-up some experience.

I wondered if we changed our attitudes to help others rather than ourselves, if the world could be a better place. Dedication, determination and a desire to make a difference could all add to the mix of optimism, all we have to do is maintain it.

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