Bullying on TV

I’ve written about the appalling behaviour of some people on TV in the past. For example, Dragons Den. Recently I considered how many programmes of this type actually rely on a bullying factor. I accept that programme editing may influence the end product, yet some of the things said, if taken at face value can be demoralising and spiteful. Sure, some people may have become successful and it maybe irritating to view some ‘interesting’ propositions, but the art of tact, tolerance and decency seems to have disappeared.

I strongly believe that ruthlessness is not the route or path to success. I live in hope that people are essentially good but if one is faced with a situation of threat to human rights. We have to stand-up and ensure that evil does not prevail.

Back to debate on TV bullies. Does this mean that to make TV watch able we need to see such terrible behaviour? If we believe in the old adage, ‘What goes around, comes around’, then maybe these bullies will have to face the music eventually. Do some of these people sleep at night? Remember the film, Flatliners? The movie features how one could be possibly haunted by all the bad things you’ve done during your life!

The government is clear that we will not stand for bullying in schools, yet everyday successive and appetite fuelling reality TV programmes showcase bullying in all shapes and sizes. Whether it is race, sex or weight, the formula of placing one judge as a ‘hate’ figure is the same. What adds further spice is often the arrogance of the bully in question. He is mocked but still appears smug in his/her comfort zone.

If motivation is the key issue, then I have to say that bullying never works. Instead it can cause deep rooted emotional cuts.

Personally, I can reflect on my childhood of being bullied for the first three years at senior school. Everyday I was the target for an easy fight. A punch here and there from anyone that past my way became an unfortunate acceptable norm for me.

It was not until my 4th year aka year 10, that I managed to redeem some element of respect. I remember the fight to this day. I was in a brawl with one of the schools biggest bullies. I won the fight. Considering the technique, I wasted a lot of energy by punching the opponent in the back. The scene was barbaric; I was surrounded by a circle of kids, probably 10 deep, all shouting, ‘Bundle, Bundle’.

My redemption was through showing strength. I could not take being a punch bag anymore.

Today we have more rules and a different atmosphere to assist our kids. However, some TV executives are probably the bigger bullies, being sadistic rather than being creative.

We should be projecting our energies for the common good, not supporting the common bad. The last thing we want is for a double standard both from a corporate and personal perspective, who knows where it could end up!

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