Corporate Blogging popularity increasing

It is interesting the way in which Blogging has now at last found its place in corporate life.
In the last few weeks I’ve noticed the following:

* Online publishers – Key writers publish their thoughts
* Pop Stars – Who is really writing their entries/postings – especially on Myspace where I’ve noticed that the management of a musicians page can be outsourced!
* Recruitment sites – Just take a look at – They have a section called, Inside Jobsite with selected blogger comments.
* Tailorable social networks – specific communities communicating for common goals
* Political Bloggers – Was Sandra Howard actually blogging whilst touring the hustling with her husband during the last UK election campaign?
* Named Journalist Bloggers – Complementing their printed columns with additional insights, published online.
* A CEO Blog – NB Few and far between but suggested with some potential to develop rather than an actual reality

Interestingly, I’ve just returned from a client in the city (London). The Chief executive I met said that he had read in a recent copy of Investors Chronicle. He noted, are PR agencies now seeing the need to control blogger postings that could potentially be detrimental to an organisation they are serving? Read this too.

The latter implies a new era in blogging, where only a select few will be allowed to have the opinions voiced. Or, are we approaching a situation where litigation needs to be controlled?

Either way, one could argue that there maybe a slow down of traditional bloggers (from all walks of life). Instead, a steady increase in the acceptance of what blogging can give to a corporation, i.e: Should the phrase, ‘Knowledge is power’ now be replaced with, ‘Content is power’ whereas it Content was always considered, ‘king’?!

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