What is a Crypto-capitalist?

Corporate Responsibility or is it?Peter Day is a well respected and I believe excellent presenter working at the BBC.
His blogsite enitled, ‘Work in Progress’ covers some excellent business issues and provides some great insights.
I recommend you read one of his latest articles is entitled,  ‘The new crypto-capitalists’

After reading it I wondered if I could find out what the history or derivation of this term. The closest definition I could derive was that crypto-capitalists; ‘enjoy the lifestyle of the rich and famous even as they feed revolutionary rhetoric to the poor’.

Are today’s new billionaires exhibiting more than a ‘giving something back’ approach?

There is a suggestion that a moralistic stance and sense of corporate responsibility from the ‘new’ corporations is pervailing.

On the other hand, it is also proposed that, ‘the problems they attack are the symbols of a rotten system, not the rottenness itself’.

However, my view is at least they are doing something!

Take for example Bill and Melinda Gates developing a foundation against HIV Aids. We have to all stand-up and say that this is commendable.

Another example, could be ‘pop stars’, for example, Bono and Bob Geldof. Although, I have to admit that a couple of years ago I was not impressed with the Gold circle, press area and Jonathan Ross’s exclusive bubble, the latter adjacent to the stage, whilst I stood cramped and tip-toed for twelve hours during the 20 year Live Aid anniversary gig held in Hyde Park, London.

Maybe that is the point… Exclusive access and a true force for change is not happening. Why should such a demarcation form?

I also ask if much is being spent in good faith will it really make a long term difference?
This long term difference can only come through a combined investment in education and a will for the politicians in change to commit.

Ultimately, it is up to us, the consumers, that has to demand change to take place.
Sometimes people sign online petition’s but I’ve seen that money talks louder!

Maybe it is through a combination of sustained actions and greater social networking that can generate create a ‘wave’ for change.
For example, if we all refuse to buy cheap flowers from supermarkets because we want to see greater safety standards in African greenhouses, the message will I hope get through.

If the new crypto-capitalists wish to be truly moralistic, then their products and internal working practices need to reflect a new attitude of respect for the community both environmentally and through integrated ethical organisational activities.

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