Why we must expose facists for what they really are

I recently watched an excellent documentary presented by Bobby Friction where he attempted to seek identity issues associated with the current generation. An observation made was how there is a move away from people from different ethnic backgrounds for example: moving away from, calling themselves British Asians to for example British Moslems, Bristish Sikhs or British (…….) the Religion they belong to. Interestingly in the United States such labels appear to have a different emphasis and meaning, for example, an American Asian is someone not originally (family wise) from India but probably from China. The point being that calling oneself an American or British appears to be insufficient for most people. The question is does this kind of labelling help in any manner?

Last week’s unfortunate decision to clear Nick Griffin of any charges of inciting racial hatred is unfortunate as now the law courts appear to want to make a distinction between what one incites at home Vs a public persona and presentation of hate. Hate is hate, full stop and labels only add fuel to the fire that these individuals enjoy stoking. Take for example, the following awful statement made by him…’ “I’d rather die today with my pride intact, fighting for what I believe in, than live the rest of my life as a sniffling pathetic slave to a multicultural society,…” It is clear to see that it reeks of hate

Since becoming its leader of the BNP in 1999, Nick Griffin has attempted to rebrand the British National Party in an effort to make progress at the ballot box. With recent electoral gains this smartly-dressed, Cambridge-educated family man hidden agenda is subtly merging itself into today’s political issues and agenda. In the 2005 general election, the party raised its total number of votes to 192,850 – from 47,219 in 2001. Mr Griffin himself polled 4,240 votes in Keighley, West Yorkshire – 9.16% of the total cast.

The party contested 119 seats but failed to win any.

In May 2006, it doubled its number of council seats from 20 to 44, making gains in traditional Labour heartlands in the East End of London in particular.

By co-incidence, Bobby Friction also mentioned a similar nightmare to the one I had recently. He mentioned the subtle way that the German nation changed during the time of Hitler to hate and exterminate Jews. Is this happening today? Is there now a new the target community that people, press and personalities which to hate? I certainly hope not.

With regard to labels or race categorisations, they do not help either.
I don’t want a repeat of the nightmare that Bobby and I have had. I only hope that it is not a dark vision for tomorrow.

Why cannot we not live with respect? Maybe we need to become aware of the bigger hidden agenda and not be so blind of the value of peace rather than the possible momentum of hate around us.

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