When Actors become politicians or are our politicians actors??

I read with interest about the recent appearance /presentation of George Clooney and his father at the United Nations, last week (15/9). It was reported that George Clooney and his television-anchor Father smuggled cameras into the Darfur (Sudanese) refugee camps to report on what’s been described as the 21st century’s first genocide.
George declared that, ‘the news is that two years after we’ve said ‘genocide’ that it’s still going on and it’s increasing — and that somewhere in there we can all talk about this and make speeches and say this is horrible and we have to do something. But every day we don’t do something, and every day this goes on, thousands of people are dying and dying horrific deaths.

All I can say is well said but I believe we all need to say ‘well said’ for it is our apathy that stops change from happening. If people are concerned enough about Weapons of Mass Destructions (WMDs) then they will try everything in their ‘power’ to send in troops. Where are the troops that need to defend the innocents that die starving in refugee camps? Where are the news reports that show that something must be done now? Where are the politicians when we need them? As I have said before, how about a G8 (or Jee’s came and ate!) running their next conference in a sand-blown tent adjacent to a camp of starving people being hounded by their (Sudan) state trooper!

It does amaze me that we leave it to pop stars and actors to raise the stakes on the issues of today. Maybe we are so busy that we cannot march for justice? Or, maybe we are not presented with enough information on what is happening in the world. I thought that with the Internet / global communications the world could become a closer and more concerned/connected world from a conscience perspective. I was wrong, the so-called resurgence in much required spirituality has not happened. Yet, the lust after celebrity-hood, fame and materialism continue. Bidding wars for houses and pension contingency is what has become the name of the game for survival.

Our voices our sounded out by the songs that we sing. Songs of love in a tone of singularity rather than a hoping for peace, fairness and freedom for all.

The irony being that pop stars sing about love, yet the love we have for each other is lost in a quite hum. If we expect actors and pop stars to be our spokespersons, sure, it is great that they can present well but are they not pretending to be us and doing the job we all should be doing anyway?

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