Does Ethical Consumerism have Mass Appeal?

According to Fair-trade figures, UK shoppers spent GBP140 million on goods bearing the Fair-trade logo last year. Coffee appears to be the best seller, with Fair-trade beans being used in many high street cafes, including Starbucks [SBUX], Costa Coffee and Pret a Manger. Does this mean that consumers indicating a willingness to pay for such goods. It certainly suggests evidence that ethical consumerism can generate mass-market appeal, something that the Consumer and Packaged Goods (CPG) industry can no longer ignore.

More than 800 Fair-trade retail and catering products are currently available in the UK, considerably more than approx 150 such products available in 2003. The fair-trade logo certainly helps to establish a brand that people can become familiar with. It is important to note that although Fair-trade sales have tended to appeal to more affluent consumers, there is a need to convince mass-market consumers to pay for its end goal benefits.

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