Inspiring Youth

Andy Murray’s performance at this Wimbledon Tennis Championships said a lot about inspiration, perspiration and being on the edge – and that was just demonstrated by the audience. Andy himself comes from Dunblain and is keen to correct the worldview of what happened there.
He represents that light can come from a town’s darkest hour.

They (who are they!?) say that with age comes wisdom. If that is the case then why are many mature leaders immune and free to endorse pain and hate within their regimes? One dictator in particular is keen on getting people to destroy their own homes and then offer them no sanctuary or recover plan.

Sometimes we forget that the simplicity of and importance of life itself is something that we should value. Take for example children aged five playing in a school playground. Do they discriminate or form groups of preference? Their innocence is their strength in terms of the how they view the world. Over time, one could argue that initially they are just naive and as they older, they are exposed to more experiences, environmental influence and social conditioning.

It appears that this loss of innocence or love for each other is compromised in favour of ego and accepting a norm. The media then hope to trivialise life as a series of stages and essential achievement rungs or milestones. I personally feel depressed when watching adverts that show a child being shown to morph into a pensioner within 45 seconds – with the final scene offering a retirement paradise retreat to look forward to -again another insular view.

Today’s youth appear to be exposed to the pressures of broken barriers of the 9.30pm watershed, an urgency to get old before their time and an atmosphere of getting on the earning loop as quick as poissible – In other words how fast can we make tomorrows consumers spend their worth today! It is almost a conspiracy against any attitude or inclination or desire for fundamental change they may have- are the youth being conditioned to lose their momentum for new ideas and new ways of thinking? I would say yes. Maybe some political players feel that too much change would potentially threaten the fabric of society itself.

I believe that there is an opportunity to bring together new ideas and a positive attitude for equality and peace. Some people feel that it is religion that causes people to fight each other. Could it be that because today’s youth are so distracted their appreciation for spirituality is lost. There is a potential that today’s youth will be misled by another dictator – remember Hitler’s youth!

It’s not too late to consider switching off the TV (I can talk!) and for us to open our eyes and view the missed opportunities around us.

With the darkness of despair around us, we each have the power to challenge and demand a new genesis.

With the up and coming SummerCamps up and down the country, a great opportunity is presented to come together to share ideals and gain from each others inspiration. On their return to life, post camp lets hope that they can interact with those that hold the keys to change.

Generations united can take us there.

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